Martin L. Davey Chapter
Iwla property restrictions

- Providing lock combination to non-members
- Off-road vehicles/driving without just cause
- Permanent treestands
- Removal of property, chairs, etc. without President or Vice President approval
- Diposal of refuse except limbs on brush piles - must have Board of Directors approval
- All trash must be carried out - no trash service
- Target shooting except into backstop at shooting range
- More then two hunting or shooting guests
- Full automatic firearms

- Members must sign into log book when entering property and note purpose of visit, times, and guest names.
- Building gates and other locks have the same combination
- Tractor and power equipment usage with Board of Directors approval
- Fires must be attended and extinguished when left
- Guests must be accompanied by a member who assumes responsibility for the guests actions. Guests are permitted to one visit only.
- Camping over five days requires Board of Director's approval
- No tree cutting without Board of Directors approval
- Pesticide and herbicide use requires Board of Directors approval
- Alcoholic beverages prohibited on the range, at meetings, and official functions

Shooting Range:
- Club assumes no liability for people on the range
- Users of the range are responsible for following standard safety practices and are responsible and liable for their own actions
- Minors must be accompanied by an adult while shooting
- One hour range use limit if someone is waiting
- Do not shoot faster than one shot per second
- Shoot at thrown/flying targets with shotgun only

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